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Matter that came from renewable sources still has carbon 14 whereas those from fossil sources have no carbon 14 left.Through radiocarbon dating, the amount of carbon 14 is known.” open=”y/n”]Please refer to the report commissioned by the UK Renewable Energy Association and Columbia University, which goes into detail on how to calculate the energy content.Click here to download the document.[/bc_collapse] [bc_collapse title=”What is the difference between ASTM D6866 and EN 15440?Thus, carbon from burning plants would be called neutral carbon whereas carbon from burning coal or petroleum coke would be called fossil carbon.[/bc_collapse] [/bc_group] Understanding ASTM D6866 Results Carbon dioxide derived from combustion of a mixture of present-day biomass and fossil carbon will yield an ASTM D6866 result that directly correlates to the amount of biomass carbon combusted and carbon-neutral CO2 generated.Regulations and Greenhouse Gas Protocols These are several regulations that recommend or require these radiocarbon-based methods.University labs have limited manpower and may not have the experience in the sample treatment and calculations for ASTM D6866.Commercial radiocarbon dating labs, on the other hand, have the manpower and technical expertise to provide reliable results.

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” open=”y/n”]The variability is not accounted for by ASTM D6866 but by the sampling method ASTM D7459.Materials with both fossil and present-day carbon will have p MC values greater than zero but lesser than 105.[/bc_collapse] [/bc_group] [bc_group][bc_collapse title=”What is the sampling frequency established under the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme” open=”y/n”]As stated in the EUETS 2007 FAQ, the minimum analysis frequency for solid waste (pure fossil or mixed biomass & fossil) is every 5,000 tons and at least 4 times a year.[/bc_collapse] [bc_collapse title=”Can I submit solid samples instead of gas (bag) samples for ASTM D6866 testing needed to comply with California’s AB32 program?” open=”y/n”]Yes, the California AB32 program allows solid fuel sampling in lieu of emissions sampling.It is the preferred method because it has the technology to measure the quantity of carbon 14 present.[/bc_collapse] [bc_collapse title=”If ASTM D6866 is an application of radiocarbon dating, why not just use any radiocarbon dating lab?

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” open=”y/n”]Most radiocarbon dating labs do “their own thing” and have their own reporting formats.

Given that the feedstock proportions will continually change, continuous collection of CO2 (via a controlled flow meter at the exit of a CEMS or stack probe) will give the true running average for a specific collection period (e.g.

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