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The closest thing Herpes diagnostic processes have to 100% accuracy is something called the Western Blot, a serologic or blood test that has 99% accurate results.But that test is only available through the University of Washington -- a fact I found hard to believe until I called the Virology Lab at Washington U to confirm.For these reasons, testing everyone for Herpes is not recommended at this time.” The abysmal public standing on Herpes testing leaves people like me, who DID get tested and DO know they have it, bearing the grunt of that shaming and stigmatizing the CDC is so concerned about.As a responsible adult, I choose to reveal to my partners that I have herpes; while 81% of people with my condition don’t -- in part because doctors won’t test for it without symptoms, even though the virus is asymptomatic the majority of our lives. My sentiments were confirmed a few months later, I met a man I wanted in my life for the long term. And at the end of this scary year, when I was diagnosed AGAIN, I had to go through all that pain all over again -- or so I thought.The tests themselves are also inaccurate; failing to detect up to 25% of "true positive" cases.It can take up to 16 weeks to for virtually anyone with herpes to have the antibodies show up in an STD blood test.

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When the pain subsided, I transitioned into the next stage of this STD: being soundly rejected time and again by guys I liked as soon as I told them I had herpes. The next time I found something resembling sores around my crotch, I paid my doctor another visit.

She encouraged me to get retested at my next outbreak.