Deangelo double your dating what every man should know

05-Sep-2017 14:52

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Whenever this used to happen to me, I would take it as a signal that she wasn't interested, and I'd just walk away. I've learned from experience that in many cases a woman just needs a few minutes to "warm up" to the idea of talking to someone that she doesn't know.I've found that if I just relax, turn down the intensity of the conversation, and talk about a few mundane things that she is very likely to open up in a few minutes and start acting more friendly. You'll be surprised how many times this will result in you getting an email/phone number to connect later.And it actually doesn't mean that she's rude, either.You see, women have a different meaning for this one.He lets her take the lead, and never objects to anything she decides.A 'good' man will tell her what he thinks and why, and not put her p*ssy ahead of what he thinks is the right thing to do or something that he really needs (or thinks she really needs).

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by David De Angelo This week I want to talk about something that is actually pretty obvious, but took me YEARS to figure out.Here's the idea in a nutshell: Women often "resist" the advances of men by acting "not particularly interested", by seeming to be aloof/not paying attention, or by playing "hard to get".