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01-Sep-2017 08:23

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The latest such research comes in the journal , from Héctor Carrillo and Amanda Hoffman of Northwestern University.

They conducted 100 interviews, with men who identified as straight but sought out casual sex with men online, hoping to better understand this population.

A big chunk of the article consists of snippets from those interviews, which were primarily conducted online by three female researchers, and at the end Carillo and Hoffman sum up what they found: They interpret that they are exclusively or primarily attracted to women, and many also conclude that they have no sexual attraction to men in spite of their desire to have sex with men. It’s not like Bush saying you’re either with us or with the terrorists.

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A fuck buddy is someone who you can share and enjoy sex with on a no strings basis - a sexual partner who you should have no attachment to - someone you can contact and ask if they fancy meeting up with you tonight for sex.

My husband kind of knows that I gain satisfaction outside of our marriage however we do not speak about it and I certainly wouldn't want him to be confronted or coming face to face with one of my fuck buddies.

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Moreover, some perceive that they are not drawn toward male bodies in the same way as they are drawn to female bodies, and some observe that the only physical part of a man that interests them is his penis. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy walking by and got a boner. Internally I’m bi, but that’s not something most people know.

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Web 2.0, a term used somewhat interchangeably with social media, carries the not-so-veiled suggestion that everything else is merely 1.0—that is to say, Cro-Magnon. The pedant might note that the Internet, axiomatically, is all social media, but for the purposes of this discussion, let’s say that social media includes any digital environment built on the contributions of and interactions among people—or in the case of, their dogs. That would be, where you can learn that an Oswego, New York–based hamster named Pistachio, member since January 8, 2005, likes jumping, climbing, and eating broccoli.… continue reading »

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