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02-Nov-2017 00:46

In June 2006, Gina's success in Muay Thai brings her to the attention of Jamie Levine of World Extreme Fighting in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

He offers her a fight against Leiticia Pestova who holds a MMA record of 11 wins and 2 losses.

Levine believed gender didn't matter and he wanted to give the two women a nationwide platform to show what they could do.

Gina, under the moniker "Conviction", trained relentlessly for the history-making bout, weighing in at a muscular 135 pounds.

It is to be the first-ever sanctioned female MMA bout in the state of Nevada. Standing at 5'8" and 155 lbs., which is the starting weight class for men, she isn't a frail little girl and has power in her kicks comparable to a man.

Still in its infancy, and because of its vicious nature, a lot of people were teetering on the fence about women fighting in MMA.

Her Muay Thai career is comprised of an impressive 12 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw and she becomes the first American woman to win a title in Thailand.Kedzie, who was once arrested with a group of 300 nuns at a protest, is a feisty brawler known for overpowering her opponents in the clench. The exciting fight, an amazing stand-up brawl, goes the distance with Gina knocking Kedzie flat at the end of the second round.

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