Mandating and enforcing culture

19-Jul-2017 10:51

That traditional publishing is actively engaged in undermining emerging and valid models by slandering them propagates a lack of transparency in the industry.

As one fellow publisher (who cuts hybrid deals) recently told me, "We don't like to advertise it, because, you know, of the stigma." I suppose the author who invests in herself behind closed doors qualifies for endorsement consideration without having to justify her process.

Respectful relationships on the job can lead to a loyal workforce, and can lead to satisfied customers and long-term company growth.

A 2011 study by Weber Shandwick, a global public relations firm, found that 38 percent of employees think the workplace has become more uncivil and disrespectful over the last few years.

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Write clear policies and procedures by which to govern a safe and healthy workplace, including methods by which incidents are handled.I left traditional publishing after a particularly symbolic experience, when I was actively discouraged from acquiring a book I believed in wholeheartedly but then met with excessive enthusiasm (and a large advance to back it) for a proposal propelled by a fancy agent, celebrity endorsements, and a whole lotta hot air. A publishing company, in my opinion, does not have the right to mandate whom its authors advocate in an attempt to control its reputation or to distance itself from "the other." To do so smacks of elitism, one of traditional publishing's lasting and detrimental flaws.