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The last I saw of her, The Naked Lady was using her online conversations to cajole dates and favors from those men foolish enough to fall into her clutches.

The bait she used was an old sort - sex without strings attached, sex without love, sex as a fantasy pure and simple.

One For The Money was a box office dud in 2012 – ironic considering the title.

Not even the sight of Heigl desperately failing to protect her modesty (and her career) in the shower was enough to save this bounty hunter bomb.

She started out as a fashion model and has never been shy about maximising her assets.

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Heigl may strip to her lingerie, but this time it is for her actual husband. The actress is married to musician Josh Kelley and appeared in the video for his track It's Your Move.

When I first asked her about this, she initially put it down to "just fooling around on the wires.""It's just a hobby," she said. Some of these guys have very creative and interesting fantasy lives."At the start, The Naked Lady was a rather mousy person - the type who favored gray clothing of a conservative cut - and was the paragon of shy and retiring womanhood.

Seeing her on the street, you'd never think that her online persona was one that excited the libidos of dozens of men every night.

In the eight years that have passed since The Naked Lady first appeared, a number of new wrinkles have been added to the text-based fantasy machine.

Groups have formed to represent all sexual persuasions.The clothes of the woman, who has been in Italy for six months and has been taken to the city's Santo Spirito hospital, were found near to the pole.