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Peter's grandparents were living in an apartment that their son Richard had built onto their house. Juliana in Chicago, he was buried in the Foy plot in Mount Carmel Cemetery in Section B, Block 2, Lot 19.In April 1960, Peter was a Federal census taker in Rogers Park (his pages will be made public in 2032).With his friend Bob Ford as navigator, he participated in a number of sports car rallies and concours d'elegance, winning various dash plaques. (Rachel Carson's Silent Spring did not expose the hazards of DDT until 1962.) For several Christmases, Peter was a mailman in Evanston.On May 25, 1959, Peter's grandfather Leslie Biggins died at age 82 in Chicago.He received an Assistant Door Keeper medal for admission to the convention.Despite his work with the Republicans, Peter voted for John F.

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DNA test results for Peter show that his Y-chromosome DNA matches descendants of the Three Collas, who lived in fourth century Ulster. Not too long after that, the family moved to a newly-built house at 400 Fairwood Lane in Kirkwood, another suburb of St. Peter's sister Sarah Jane was born on February 6, 1943, while they were living there. In January 1944, at age 33, Peter's father left Container Corporation and enlisted in the U. Dayton Street, about a mile north of where Peter's grandparents lived on the north side of Chicago.

William was a second generation American of German descent and owned a game manufacturing company.