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At the age of six Muhammad also loses his mother Āminah, and at eight he loses his grandfather.

Thereupon responsibility for Muhammad is assumed by the new head of the clan of , to oversee the transportation of her merchandise to Syria. Khadījah is said to have been about 40, but she bears Muhammad at least two sons, who die young, and four daughters.

yields little concrete biographical information about the Islamic Prophet: it addresses an individual “messenger of God,” whom a number of verses call Muhammad (e.g., 4), and speaks of a pilgrimage sanctuary that is associated with the “valley of Mecca” and the (e.g., , 60) after having previously been ousted by their unbelieving foes, presumably from the Meccan sanctuary (e.g., 1).

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Such evidence provides sufficient confirmation of the historical existence of an prophet by the name of Muhammad.

Muhammad continues to receive revelations but for three years limits himself to speaking about them in private.

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