Updating hdd firmware with another

30-Jul-2017 16:49

Updating firmware used to be an uncomplicated, albeit slightly dangerous process.Unfortunately, as the server hardware developed over time, it did not become any simpler, but rather evolved into even more of an arcane rite.As i don't have an external CD for my i Mac and not planning to have one i wonder what other way would be possible to update the firmware and probably use thise Performance restauration tool from Samsung that they offer for Windows. S: I've got problems with the SSD getting slow and have serious problems with a freezing finder where i hope the firmware update and the performance restauration help to get it running again.I've already tried booting into Bootcamp where this tool runs fine and also recognizes the SSD on the Thunderbolt port but it won't work as it only recognizes NTFS partitions and mine has HFS ofcourse. I'm on Yosemite with all machines, so r EFInd doesn't seem to be so easy to and i'm not sure if it would be a good idea to use it to get something like freedos running or whatever that Samsung tools need to get running. Just to give you a reason why i want to update the firmware.Updating the DRAC firmware should be the first step to updating anything else, especially in the case of a restricted onsite presence / remote hands availability.During the update, the DRAC might become unavailable for a period of time up to 15 minutes; this is normal and expected.

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There are generally several avenues that one might take to update the server firmware: What follows are comments regarding each one of those and applicable update methods.The update program will request the DVD to be replaced with SUU DVD or another media containing the update repository.

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