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30-Dec-2017 18:19

Anita is one of the most famous Adult Actresses from Colombia.

The story of her life could be a script for a movie.

Beginning in darkness with little hope in sight and the journey through her life is filled with drama, obstacles without any certainty how the end will be.

As in real Hollywood film, against all odds, she overcomes the hurdles and the movie have a happy ending.

The result was the video spread fast through local social networks and after a month Anita started to become known in Medellin, but not in a positive sense.

Many who knew about her felt outraged that she had made the video behind the back of her husband and called her a bitch or commented at her career as pre-paid. Her husband also were informed about the video and of course it led to a crises in the marriage. And when the reunited her husband gave her a special gift. Anita liked to be in front of the camera it makes her feel sexy and she likes sex a lot she explains.

The story is that Anita had a troublesome childhood with a father is one of the millions of Colombians who deal with the addiction to crack cocaine.

Her mother had suffers from schizophrenia since childhood.

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