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Theodore is fascinated by her ability to learn and grow psychologically.They bond over their discussions about love and life, such as Theodore's avoidance of signing his divorce papers because of his reluctance to let go of Catherine.Theodore then sees Amy, who is upset with the departure of the OS that she had befriended, and they go to the roof of their apartment building where they sit down together and watch the sun rise over the city.The idea of the film initially came to Jonze in the early 2000s when he read an article online that mentioned a website where a user could instant message with an artificial intelligence.Terminating the encounter, he sends a distraught Isabella away, causing tension between himself and Samantha.

He decides that he wants the OS to have a female voice, and she names herself Samantha.So we recast and since then Scarlett has taken over that role." Eric Zumbrunnen and Jeff Buchanan served as the film's editors.Zumbrunnen stated that there was "rewriting" in a scene between Theodore and Samantha, after Theodore goes on a blind date.Theodore and Samantha's intimacy grows through a verbal sexual encounter.

They develop a relationship that reflects positively in Theodore's writing and well-being, and in Samantha's enthusiasm to grow and learn.Theodore takes Samantha on a vacation during which she tells him that she and a group of other OSes have developed a "hyperintelligent" OS modeled after the British philosopher Alan Watts.

While many Sami have modernized and few continue to practice traditional nomadic life, a variation of that lifestyle continues.… continue reading »

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